Walking/Bike Path

In 2001, the Lake Milton Association began developing a walking/bike path around Lake Milton. The Village of Craig Beach installed sidewalks in 2001 and the Association, in conjunction with the Lake Milton State Park, developed a walking/biking path in the park area on the northeast side of the Lake. The Association received a grant from the Recycling Division of Mahoning County. In addition, money was raised through golf outings at Olde Dutch Mill Golf Course and many smaller fundraisers.   A dedication for the section of the path was held during the summer of 2007 and immediately following the dedication of the Mahoning Avenue Area, a dedication of the Milton Avenue park was named in honor of former State Senator Harry Meschel.  Lake Milton State park also received a grant from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources along with numerous contributions towards the construction of the walkways.  Many hours have been donated by Association members towards the accomplishment of this project.  Dedication of this welkway was held in May, 2003.


The second phase of the walkway is along Mahoning Avenue. It includes a boardwalk, walkway, and fishing/docking pier with a gazebo. This phase was also made possible by grants from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources and the Recycling Division of Mahoning County. In addition, money has been raised through a golf outing at Olde Dutch Mill Golf Course and many smaller fundraisers.

Lake Milton Ski Club

The Lake Milton Ski Club provides the opportunity to meet and associate with other people in Lake Milton interested in water skiing and wakeboarding. The club is family oriented and promotes safe water skiing. Skiers of all skill levels are welcomed. Many of the members have young children who are just learning the sport with the emphasis on having fun.


In 2005, the club was able to locate a slalom ski course in the south section of the lake, just south of the Ellsworth Road Bridge. Club members worked for many years with the Lake Milton State Park to select the location and make the dream come true. The Lake Milton Ski Club paid all costs to install the course and continues to maintain the course.


Since the ski course is located on an Ohio State Park lake, the course is open to the public. However, to provide calm water and protection, the ski course was located in a small bay with a "No Wake Zone" status. In order to ski in the area, a special events permit from the Ohio State Parks is required to lift the no wake zone for the slalom skiers. The Lake Milton Ski Club has a permit which covers all club members. People not wishing to join the club and utilize the course must obtain their own permit from the Lake Milton Park office where there will be a nominal handling fee and proof of $1 million liability insurance. Skiers will be required to have a copy of their permit and proof of insurance on the boat when using the ski course.

Lake Milton Ski Club Membership

The Lake Milton Ski Club is affiliated with USA Water Ski. Each ski club member must also join USA Water Ski . | Contact: edwades@embarqmail.com

In 1986, the city of Youngstown determined that the dam at Lake Milton was unsafe and decided to breach it. Many local people worked to stop the breaching, and instead to have the dam repaired. The State of Ohio agreed to come in and repair the dam. During that period of time, many trips were made to Columbus to try to encourage the State of Ohio to declare Lake Milton a State Park. Eventually, the city of Youngstown and the State of Ohio came to an agreement and in 1988, Lake Milton became the 72nd State Park.

Lake Milton was drained in 1986, and just the Mahoning River flowed through it. It was a sight to behold. Many people explored the uncovered land looking for artifacts and treasure! During the two years of the repair project, weeds, shrubs and trees grew in the lake bed. In March of 1988, a dedication of the dam was held and the lake started to fill. The lake was stocked with fish and everyone was anxious. But, by May, a drought had set in and the lake was only partially full. For the remainder of that summer Lake Milton remained at a very low water level. By the summer of 1989, the drought had ended and sports enthusiasts were finally able to resume their summer activities on and around Lake Milton.

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