Ed Arango


Becoming a member of the Lake Milton Association is easy. Just download the membership form, and mail the completed form along with your $40.00 check to Lake Milton Association | P.O. Box 126 | Lake Milton, OH 44429

Gina McHenry


LMA Directors

Terry Creque

Wendy DiBernardi

Chris Hospodar

Donnie Loveless

Ben Melnykovich

Barb Neill

Phyllis Nuzzie

Julie Olson

Maryann Slaven

Allen Wasylychyn

LMA Officers

Tim Darney


Maria Catullo


If you are a Lake Milton Association member, you can refer to the membership directory for member phone numbers. If you are not a member you may contact any of the following:

Paul Wolf: wolflma@embarqmail.com

Donna Loomis: donnakloomis@aol.com

Ed Arango: edwades@embarqmail.com

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